The Power of Thinking Small

By doing small things in strategic and critical areas you, or your company, can experience exceptional results. It is essentially no different from the example that is depicted above. One stone counterbalances six stones whose combined weight is many times that of the one stone. What becomes ostensibly apparent, and crucial, is the placement of the fulcrum to provide the mechanical advantage to lift the collection of stones.

This is essentially how we approach every project and every need. We look to those small changes that can be performance and outcomes multipliers.

Our Houston Consulting: Sales, Management and Training Focus: "Think Small"

Rather "contrarian" for the motto of a Sales and Management Consulting company? Not at all. There are many consulting firms that will talk a great game centered around thinking big. The facts are, there is nothing wrong with looking at the big picture. But in terms of actionable items that are easily implemented, you have to think in terms of those specific changes that can be made in strategic areas that will have a powerful impact on behaviors and other words, "thinking small."

At Think Small Consulting we are oriented to discovering those small changes in strategic, or, performance areas that can lead to major improvements in your organization. Whether it take the shape of leadership development, management consulting, sales consulting, training consulting, team building, creating and developing organizational trust, manager and account executive coaching and mentoring, Think Small Consulting can help you find creative solutions to your problems. We specialize in working with small to medium size companies and healthcare organizations

"Think Small - Expect Big"

Why It Makes Sense in Management, Sales and Training Consulting

Think Small Consulting is a firm that specializes in sales, management, communication and training consulting in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Our approach is based on an analysis of your perspective and using "think small" to come up with refinements in sales, management, performance and behavioral dimensions to better equip your organization to implement your strategies exquisitely.

In a world of "less is more," company down-sizing, budget tightening, and the importance of customer retention, doesn't it make sense to "think small?"

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Think Small - Expect Big

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